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    eBay and Tracking Code


    Does anyone know if the eBay Order Management Extension updates eBay with Tracking Information if it is typed into View Order > Progress > Tracking Code

    Or should it be entered in Shipping and Handling using the Tracking Number box.

    Or Does it not pass the info to Ebay at all.

    Many thanks in advance for any help


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    Anybody have any experience on passing tracking info to eBay?

    We have found the eBay interface really great but having listened to staff moan about having to manually put in tracking to eBay I had the pleasure of doing the job myself for a week and I have to agree with them that its a pain in the backside.

    Would really appreciate any help even if its to tell me it can't be done from Sellerdeck.

    Cheers Rob


      Hi Rob

      Unfortunately this can't be done by the extension at the moment, it would have to be added as a new feature in a new release.

      I think it's a good shout, I have added it to our wish list and we may look to add it in the future.
      Bruce Townsend
      Ecommerce Product Manager
      Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


        Thinking out loud here. Is there any scope with Zapier to integrate to Excel, then use SellerDecks integration to update to the SD database?
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          Has anyone else eBay order management stopped automatically retrieve the orders into Sellerdeck.

          So now i can only Click image for larger version

Name:	eBay OM issue.JPG
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ID:	554968​retrieve them by selecting the download from last - days section.

          If i try from placed since last retrieval it just says downloading from eBay & no orders retrieve example in image attached.

          Any help would be appreciated.

          Kind Regards


            Only just read this and gobsmacked no one has responded to you. Just uninstall it and reinstall it, you may need to reauthenticate it as well but this fixes the issue