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  • Sellerdeck and Office 365

    My client has experienced order download issues ever since Office 365 was installed on their network.

    The database corrupts with random errors, or SD hangs and when reloaded displays a DB error. It doesn't happen every time. It started being just once a week (they download multiple times a day). Now it happens every day.

    I can temporarily fix the DB using MS Access compact and repair

    I wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem and can advise?

    I found this post and wondered if it might work in this case:

    I really want to be sure before I go messing about with their settings...!

    Using SD 2013 Business 12.0.6 PIDD
    Windows 7 64bit

    Only one of their sites using this version is affected (the busiest). The others seem fine.

    Any help/advice would be very welcome.


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    I remember there used to be a problem with Office 365 installed as 64bit and the 64bit dirvers did not work well with Sellerdeck...
    I had to uninstall and re-install the 32-bit version

    Also had to install "Micorsoft Access Runtime 2013" 32 bit version.


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      Thanks I'll ask the server admin to have a look at that


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        After chatting to the server admin we felt the database file size might be causing the problems. It was over 2GB which (apparently!) is the limit for Access to work properly. I deleted masses of old orders and brought the file size below the 2GB threshold and fingers crossed it's working ok now It took ages to delete the orders as SD kept crashing but I persevered and it was worth it.


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          Glad to hear it.

          2Gb is huge... I think ours is 200mb to 500mb max (looking at an old backup for v14 : 300mb : lines in datebase: products=6k, orders=14k, order detail=48k, userdefined=44k)

          I find that performace drops (Sd hangs) as more orders are on the mdb... so I tried to keep it 2 years max and archive each year (so database is 1 to 2 years data)


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            Thanks zgap111

            Looking at your figs it does seem that there's something very wrong with our database!

            We have 2726 records in the 'product' table of the database so assume that's the number of products on the site. We do have lots of product duplicates to show them under a range of different categories though.

            I've just been through every table in the DB looking at how many records they contain. The largest is user_defined_properties 170697, after that there are 11 tables starting 'ML' that contain 30775 records. OrderDetail has 52762 and OrderMail has 79544.

            I'm not sure how these numbers relate to a file size of (now) 1.7GB.

            I have (many times) done a compact and repair in Access. Is there any other way I can trim the flab from the database? Any help would be much appreciated


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              I find the emails can take up a lot of space

              I just did a test :
              Made a copy of the mdb
              Opened the copy and deleted everything in OrderMail (I had ~16,000 records) and then compacted
              Size before 275Mb, size after 139Mb = almost halved

              Using this method, you can delete records from each table, compact and see how much it reduces the filesize.

              Also, I only have 1 ML table "ML_TEMP_PRINTING_TABLE" and it has no records - not sure what your ML files are...


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                Thanks - I'll definitely give that a try!

                Does anyone else know what the ML tables are used for - and can advise on whether I can safely clear them or not please?


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                  Thanks so much zgap111 your solution worked a treat

                  The database went from just under 2GB to 147MB. Amazing!!!


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                    That's great