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  • Access database management

    Can anyone point me to info regarding best practice for keeping the SD Access database file size down as much as possible please?

    The database file is 1.7GB but was well over 2GB when everything started grinding to a halt!

    I've deleted years of old orders but it hasn't made much difference even after compacting - so I need to find something else to help.

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    How many products have you got?

    Sellerdeck at one time suggested up to 20,000 products was OK but previous threads such as this suggest that even that would only be around 270MB.

    More recent versions of Sellerdeck included 'Product Pages' that were slimmed down for efficiency (AFAIK they just don't have all the extra bits that section pages need that you might not use on a product page).

    You could try downloading a more recent version of sellerdeck and importing your site into that (not the orders) to see what sort of size it would be.


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      I've deleted years of old orders
      You also need to Purge the deleted items via Housekeeping / Purge / Purge Orders for them to be totally gone. Then try a Compact Database.
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        Hi and thanks Mike. We have 2726 records in the 'product' table of the database so assume that's the number of products on the site. We do have lots of product duplicates to show them under a range of different categories though.

        I've just been through every table in the DB looking at how many records they contain. The largest is user_defined_properties 170697, after that there are 11 tables starting 'ML' that contain 30775 records. OrderDetail has 52762 and OrderMail has 79544. Do these numbers look excessive to you?


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          Thanks and hi Norman Yes I've purged the old deleted orders and done a compact and repair in Access. SD kept crashing when I clicked 'purge' but the orders weren't showing at all when I went back in. Was hoping for lots more space to be released!