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    Please could anyone advise me if they are successfully using PAY PAL on sellerdeck business 2013 ?????? thanks in advance

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    We've always used Sellerdeck Payments, and we had little to no issues with that over the years.

    But Paypal, too many problems, lots of workarounds etc.

    I have asked the same/similar question you've asked here.

    We started using Paypal from ~ August 2015 - looking at a snapshot we were on v14.01, but we had problems using Paypal Website Payments.

    - ongoing intermittent problem : Fully paid orders paid by Paypal Website Payments are going into PSP Pending = we don't know until customer chases, we have to manually go into Paypal to commit the payment (we use pre-authorise mode). This problem was quite bad at one point (almost 50% orders were going into PSP Pending) but is currently now less than 10%.

    For this ongoing problem, we were advised by Sellerdeck to use Paypal Express and get it working with shipping by regions

    Working on this issue with Sellerdeck support since Jan 2018, it is only recently on v18 (v18 fixed a regions problem) plus an additional 2 fixes (both not yet on a release build) that Paypal Express is considered working for us...
    - actually one final problem, probably not Sellerdeck, is we don't receive Paypal Payment Notifications (pre authorise or fully paid) on these Paypal Express orders...

    I'm finding customers are still using Paypal Website Payments method on our site, so I'm keeping that on for a little while longer - I probably may contact those customers to ask why they did it that way (why manually entering details on our site and not just click on the Paypal button at the begining)