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    Problems with Home Page / Index

    I'm having a problem with my website. If I type in my site name "" then it takes me to an old front page. a) this is out of date and b) none of the links work from this page to any of my products.

    The page that should bring up can be seen at

    However this page only comes up if I click on the image at top left of or alternatively if type into the browser, which is obviously no flaming use at all.

    I am sure this is an easy fix - or would be if I knew anything about computers / the internet. Can anyone tell me what's going wrong?

    I don't see any difference between those two pages. Have you fixed the problem?
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      Hi there Goz and thanks for taking a look. Yes a friend was able to fix things on Sunday for me. Apologies for not replying sooner, it was great that you were kind enough to look into it. I was AFK from most of yesterday.