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Can not contact payments server

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    Can not contact payments server

    A problem arrived a few days ago where I am unable to 'commit' pre-authorised orders from within Sellerdeck v12.06
    Prior to this we had not changed any settings since for at least 6 months and everything was working fine.
    We can upload to our website (
    Orders can be placed on the website
    We can download the orders and successfully 'commit' by logging into the Sellerdeck payments portal.

    We cannot 'commit' an order from within Sellerdeck. We get an error message 'Sellerdeck cannot contact the payments server, check network connection'. As we can upload the website and download orders, we are successfully connecting to the internet and the website so the problem is not that simple. We use Sellerdeck Payments and our website is hosted by Heart Internet. CGI Scripts updated in 2021 as per Norman Rouxel's post of 28 June 2021 because Heart Internet ceased to use Perl 4.6 - we now use Perl 5.026.

    Any ideas of what the problem is will be much appreciated