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  • New payment gateway

    If I wanted to install a new payment gateway (stripe for example) that isnít on the list already is it possible?

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    It costs thousands for a new implemention. Best contact Sales for pricing.
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      I doubt that SellerDeck would be keen on a payment integration with Stripe because of their relationship with PayPal.
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        I'm disappointed to be honest but not really surprised.

        Another reason for a new user to consider not using Sellerdeck.
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          If I wanted to install a new payment gateway
          That's a bit back to front. Installing a payment provider is a massive task - one unlikely to be implementable by an end user of SellerDeck regardless of their skill level.

          What has happened in the past is that providers have done the integration work themselves in the hope that it gets them more business. For this purpose SellerDeck supplied a PSP integration kit but it was priced at a corporate level. This halves the complexity as the PSP already knows their own system, has professional programmers, has done integrations before and it's just the SD bit that they have to learn. An end user attempting this would have to become thoroughly familiar with SD and the PSP system - double the work and two little understood places to look for problems when things go wrong.

          Adding SD capability was worthwhile to PSP's many years ago when SD was attracting lots of new customers. Far less so now when there is just a trickle of new business and existing users are likely to stay with the PSP's they know.

          P.S. Stripe has been around for seven years and except this thread there is not a single mention of "stripe" (other than a thing a Zebra has) on this forum.
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