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    Hi all,

    Is there an option to turn on Product Reviews within SD 14? Sorry if there is and I’m missing it.


    From 'Help' in V14

    How do I obtain and display customer feedback for my products and my site?

    SellerDeck provides built-in integration with Feefo, a leading customer feedback service that enables you to automatically request and display feedback from your customers about your products and/or your site.
    Research has shown that displaying customer feedback on your site can build visitors’ confidence and lead to increased sales.
    To enable this functionality:
    1. Select ‘Customer Feedback’ from the ‘Marketing’ menu.
    2. Click the ‘Information and Registration’ link at the bottom of the dialog box, and follow the instructions to sign up for a Feefo account.
    3. If you are requested in the setup instructions to forward your ‘Product Link’ to an email address, click the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button in the dialog, paste into an email and send it.
    4. Tick ‘Enable Customer Feedback’ and enter the Feefo Logon and Password you were provided with.
    5. Click ‘Test Settings’ to test the connection to Feefo.
    6. Check that you are happy with the other settings, and change any that you want to. You may prefer to untick ‘Display Site Feedback’ and ‘Display Product Feedback’to begin with, so that you can review the initial feedback before displaying it.
    7. Pressing ‘Click to Send’ will send feedback requests your last 3 months’ orders. This will provide you with a meaningful batch of feedback to start out with.
    8. Click OK.
    You can return here and change these settings at any time, but you can only send the first 3 months’ feedback once.
    I'm sure it would be easier to find if they'd mentioned 'reviews' rather than 'feedback'

    First Tackle - Fly Fishing and Game Angling



      As usual, great advice from those in the know, many thanks.