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  • Product customization

    Hello everyone.

    I'm currently looking for a way to create a customizable product.

    For example asking the customer a text to be written on the product or dimensions like length and width.

    I know for the length and width problem I can workaround with creating a product that would correpond to the area, but I'm unable to keep track of the crucial intial info of lenght and width. And furthermore, it gets messy if the customer wants a second product with different settings.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Norman does a customisation add on that might work for you.


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      If the Length and Width are within limited ranges then you may get away with creating 2 Attributes, Length, Width and give them Choices like (e.g.) 1mm, 2mm, 3mm up to the maximum required.

      If that's not suitable I have an add-on Multi Other Info that lets you collect a set of values from the user. It works per product so the customer can have several products in the Cart all with separate sets of sizes.

      Norman -
      Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


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        Thank you both for your answer.

        I didn't look on the Attributes side because I didn't know you could make combination of multiple attributes as I needed both length and width to generate the final product price.
        This seems to be the solution. I'll see if I can also make it change the product weight.



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          if I can also make it change the product weight
          Read the Help for Permutations and Associated Products. If you have an Associated Product for each combination of sizes, then you will be able to use that associated products weight.

          If you have a very complex requirement that cannot be met by the above, I have an add-on Basic Price Override that can collect the use the Length and Width (or any other customer entered parameters) in a calculation to create a price and weight.
          Norman -
          Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


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            I looked this up and it is indeed what I was looking for.

            Unfortunately, and as you said, this tend to some crazy numbers.

            For example, if I have a product with attribute Length ranging from 100 to 625 mm (with steps of 1 mm) and Width ranging from 100 to 500 mm, if both weight and price are different everytime and excluding duplicates ( 100 x 200 is the same product as 200 x 100) it would result in nearly 130,000 permutations and associated products.

            I'm running Sellerdeck on SQL so I don't fear for the database, but I doubt the software will manage this monster.

            I think it will be a better solution to go with your add ons. One that will carry over the customer information on the product, and the other that will change the price and weight of the product on the fly following a single basic formula.


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              My Basic Price Override will do all you need. I.e. capturing the customer information, calculating a price and calculating a weight. It's not quite an end user application as the JavaScript that calculates the price and weight needs tuned for each users requirements.

              Best email me for details. It will help if you can give me an example of what you're selling and some example calculations.
              Norman -
              Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


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                I also have an add-on that may do what you want out of the box - Sell by Area or Length.

                This allows you to sell items where the price is calculated from either:

                The exact area ordered. Price calculated per square metre.

                The length needed to be cut from a roll. Price calculated per linear metre.

                The length needed to be supplied. Price calculated per linear metre.

                The perimeter of a rectangle. Price calculated per linear metre. Useful for "frame" type products.

                A minimum price can also be set.

                The weight of the product can optionally be calculated and passed to the shipping phase.

                It's very customisable. For example you can redefine the names for the X and Y parameters (width / drop, length / breadth, etc).
                You can set the minimum and maximum permissible values and even set a minimum price.
                You can set the units used for customer entry to (M, cm, mm, in or ft).
                Norman -
                Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey