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    Originally posted by jeffnurse View Post
    I think another factor is the ability, or willingness of support to actually solve the problems that are reported. I had an issue at the end of November for which I am still awaiting a fix. This has happened before.

    Yes ive also experienced this poor support and service, very frustrating and in the past its taken so long for support to reply ive either fixed the issue myself, worked around the problem or the forum has provided a solution.

    Been a customer since v6 and with this latest increase in the "support" contract to cover the cost of new features isnt going down very well.


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      I have used Support quite a lot over the years so not sure I can say itís not been value, but I must agree when it was first sold to me I was told it would give me annual software upgrade which has not happened and new extensions, no new ones that I am aware of.

      Also I was going to switch to hosting with SelleckDeck about a year ago, but they could get a test set-up to pass the security scans I needed to be performed so that is not an option.

      It is a shame, but overall I find SellerDeck a much easier, if slightly limited piece of software compared to our experience moving to for one site.

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        I have also used Actinic/SD since v8 and paid for each new version outright until v14 when I was sold Cover because it avoided having to buy outright. I thought that the software would cease to work if I cancelled the Cover - is that not right then - I can cancel Cover without any kind of penalty?


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          As a small user of Actinic/Sellerdeck since 2003 I only ever took support out on the first couple of versions.

          Since then I have relied on support tickets which have seen me through a lot over the years.

          But then again Iíve always purchased the software as and when I can afford it with the sole purpose of cutting down any monthly outgoings. I can keep my website on the net for next to nothing which is how I prefer it.

          Cover suits some but not others but what does annoy me is as someone said above is asking for help about problems with the software and not something Iíve done.
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