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Rather nice pop-up off the component

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  • Rather nice pop-up off the component

    Hi programming bods

    I rather like this:

    .. on the component they have a nice little + symbol that generates a pop-up of the actual product that the component links to. Nice.

    Just trying to figure out how this might be achieved.

    Any ideas ?

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    That is quite nice isn't it. It lets them list optional extras to go with the product that can be added just by ticking the box. No idea how it's being done though.

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      They are using jQuery's .load function to load the product page into a Lightbox-like popup.

      Rather than loading the full HTML page, they use the capability of .load to load only a portion of the page designated by a jQuery selector (in this case a DIV with class="product-information").

      I use the same technique to load the entire product form from a products Product Page as a replacement for the SellerDeck Search Results, thus allowing products to be purchased straight from the search results page.
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        Nice. We could just do with a step by step guide on how to do this. lol.