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Customer details being overwritten by other customers details on their PC!

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    Norman, thanks for confirming the instructions.

    It's very important to note that making this change helps to prevent the problem occurring for new customers, but is not sufficient for existing customers who have an ACTINIC_CART cookie value of "hide" or "show". That will still cause them to have shared sessions.

    Therefore it is also necesssary to change to more strictly match the cookie name, and to throw out existing ACTINIC_CART cookie values that are less than the expected length. These are the changes that will be in 18.0.2 and can also be applied through support to existing sites that have the problem. Support have already passed these details to Tony.

    I appreciate that if cookie processing was coded differently in the first place then this problem would not have occurred. However, we can never anticipate all the impacts of any customisation and write code appropriately before they are applied. With any system as flexible as Sellerdeck Desktop it's possible to add code (to layouts or to Perl scripts) which cause problems. We test our software in its standard configuration to ensure that it operates correctly.

    Any addon developer takes on responsibility to ensure that their addon works correctly, and any merchant or designer using code snippets from the forums (or writing their own) should check that the site functions as expected. There can be unanticipated effects in any system and it's unfortunate that the interaction between the customisation posted by Norman and the Perl scripts has such an impact.

    Finally, just to reiterate: if you find that you have the text ACTINIC_CARTVIZ in a layout then you can make the change outlined above, but you must also contact Sellerdeck Support for a code change to prevent further problems.
    Hugh Gibson
    CTO - Sellerdeck Ltd.


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      I see the following in
              if ($sCookie =~ /^ACTINIC_CART/)                # found the cart ID
      Which is very relaxed in detecting anything beginning with ACTINIC_CART as the Cart Cookie ID as you explained earlier.

      There is also an identical line in that may need fixing too.
      Norman -
      Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


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        Hi Norman and Hugh.

        Thank you both. I will go through in the morning. I now understand what to do.

        Sorry I was asking dumb questions about where to look to find the problem but I am not a web designer/developer and as I mentioned I do not remember at any time making this change or asking for this change to be made by sellerdeck. Nobody else has worked on the site.

        Luckily I have a complete history of our site and copies of the vanilla Sellerdeck code base for 11.02 onward so I will be able to see when exactly this was added. I will let you know.

        FYI - I did speak to the other person reporting this issue tonight. They also do not believe they added this customisation to their site. Very strange.

        Thanks again.


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          Please note that v18.0.2 has now been released. Here's the post: Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.2 - and here's the download link for this version and future versions at
          Ops Manager, Sellerdeck


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            Originally posted by Hugh Gibson View Post

            As I said before:

            To find this:
            1. [1]Open the Design menu, Library, select Layouts tab.
              [2]Right-click a layout and select Find.
              [3]Click the Code checkbox.
              [4]Enter ACTINIC_CARTVIZ and click "Find Next Item".
              [5]That should highlight the layout where it appears.
              [6]Open the layout to verify,
              [7]Change the cookie name to SELLERDECK_CARTVIZ (two places).

            As is clear from the original thread, and the post I quoted, this customisation immediately caused a problem in 2010.

            It's possible that with GDPR having been publicised recently that customers are more alert to these problems and therefore have not dismissed them but have notified merchants.
            Suggest also for [4] - Enter SetShoppingCartVisibility and click "Find Next Item" as this quickly takes you to the Layout | Checking Shopping Cart Grid, where you can check if the setCookie ACTINIC_CARTVIZ code is present or not - saves wasting time looking for something that's not there. If present then take action as suggested.

            I checked both my existing V16.0.3 and previous V14.0.3 sites and found no ACTINIC_CARTVIZ, SELLERDECK_CARTVIZ, or ACTINIC_CART setCookie code customisation so no need to upgrade to V18.0.2 just yet to fix a problem that does not exist for my site.

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