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Network Setup Wizard Problem

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    Network Setup Wizard Problem

    Foolishly, I agreed to a "seamless" transition to a VPS instead of the very reliable shared server we have been using for 15 or 20 years. This was due to our emails being tagged as SPAM because of some bad egg using the same server (possibly?).

    The new VPS uses Plesk, and we have been having bizarre errors initially with our emails (we need different configurations on different PC's all using Windows Live Mail 2012), and then the scripts on our web site stopped running and instead opened a "Save As" dialogue box. The guys at Heart Internet blocked this, but now none of the scripts run at all which is apparently nothing to do with them and it's all my fault!

    I am now running through the network connection wizard in Sellerdeck, and was making good progress until I came upon the email server settings. Again, they have all been checked and double checked but I get an error stating :

    Unable to locate the test file C:/Program Files (x86)\Sellerdeck\Sellerdeck2016\.\Original\ This indicates that there is a problem with your Catalogue installation. Contact Sellerdeck blah, blah, blah. Now the folder called "." half way through that file location error obviously cannot exist, and every other folder called "Original" has the required file.

    I can't get past this error and we don't have support as we haven't needed it, but we have had modifications made to the web site so I am reluctant to repair the installation in case we lose and modified layouts. Yes I can take a snapshot and then repair but will that do any good?

    To me, and Heart deny it, there is something up with the SSL certificate that was transferred over. This may sound odd, but there were plenty of errors in this regard when trying to set up our emails and some PC's can have SSL and some throw errors when the same setup is attempted. Sellerdeck also threw an error with SSL when I was running through the network setup, but strangely I could only see the dialogue box when viewing all open applications on the desktop and it wouldn't let me open it to do anything. This particular error has since gone away, possibly due to me using a slightly different configuration.

    Any help?


    OK, I think I needed to run Sellerdeck as an administrator, which I haven't had to do before.
    Seems to be golden now.