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  • Configuring email in Version 16 for

    For the 1st time I'm being asked to include the specific port Number TLS There's no provision for this in Network setting.

    I'm hoping someone has experience with this ?

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    At the moment, the SMTP Port number can only be set be editing the PERL scripts although there is a wish list request for Sellerdeck to add the ability to set this in the network settings.

    Details are on the forum. The edit changes are different for V16 and V18.

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      For SellerDeck 2016, do:

      In the Site folder find and open in Notepad. Search for

      $nSmtpPort = 25;

      Change it whatever number you need.

      There's also an

      $nSmtpPort = 25;

      in which, if changed, will allow the Network Test to use the new port.
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        We are adding the ability to change the SMTP port number via the UI in v18.0.4, which is in testing ATM.
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