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    Sorted! Yippee!! Now all main images are webp. Now to convert for the rest of the site.

    Thanks very much for your help with this. I think I got a bit confused here and there. Now all the other speed issues to look into, although my pages already seem a lot faster than most according to Lighthouse.


      Yay! You got there at last.

      You can batch convert all your images to make copies using the webp format with IrfanView - It also could do the batch renaming of the new images. It has a pretty steep learning curve so it would be best to practice on a dummy folder well away from your live one.

      Also, I've offered to let you try my add-on that would convert all relevant images automatically. You'd be able to configure it to leave your Magic Thumb images alone.
      Norman -
      Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


        This Irfanview was nice and easy software to use. So if anyone else follows this thread and has a go at this then in Irfanview select File, Batch Conversion/ Rename. I had to do this in two stages but only took a minute. Do Batch Conversion first selecting WebP then Start Batch then Batch Rename, Use $N.jpg-webp.jpg in the name pattern field. I created two folders away from my original image folders just to save on any mistakes then dragged the final images across. Not sure if this is all achievable in just one step through Batch Conversion - rename results.

        Thanks again Norman when Magic Thumb is compatible I would like to try your add on.


          I've turned my earlier work into a full-blown add-on. It would be useful on any site as webp images are smaller than jpg ones, And especially useful on site where the existing images are over-large as the add-on can create alternative webp images at a reduced width and height that fit to your site design.

          Demo on where I've added notes about the image sizes to the product description for all the ring products.
          Norman -
          Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


            Norman you are a star. Thanks
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