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    Does Paypal Refunds from within Sellerdeck 16.0.2 actually work? When I click the refund button nothing happens. I can't find any information about it.

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    It certainly doesn't work if you are using PayPal Express. It demands a transaction id with error code 10003.
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      Thanks for that reply.

      Could we get clarification - perhaps from Sellerdeck - as to what works and what doesn't Paypal-Refund-wise ? Why are there no notes about this and how to get it to work ?


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        We're on v16.01 and I thought they fixed the Paypal refund in v16.02
        (it used to refund 100% when you only want to refund partially... we made lots of partial refunds until a customer queried one... a very costly error...)

        I never knew it did not work for Paypal Express... But due to the partial not really working, we are doing it manually via Paypal's site.

        I do hope Sellerdeck gets these bugs fixed... It's been a while now.

        A FAQ or How-to set-up information/sticky would be nice.


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          Thanks for the info - I have yet to hear from anyone who can tell me that PayPal refunds definately works, or how to get it to work.

          It is odd there is no comment from Sellerdeck on here - COME ON, we all know you look at the forums, why not tell us the information Sellerdeck?

          On another note, I also cannot get Ebay Extension to work either. It just keeps saying "order retrieval is not enabled on this PC", even though I have ticked the box to say it is a hundred times.


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            I'm late to the party on this one & just found about £1K of "refunds" from last year, these should have totalled around £150 for stuff like delivery refunds & single item returns on multi line orders, but all the orders have been refunded in full.....

            Hands up, we should have kept a closer eye on PayPal in's / out's, but I simply can believe that Sellerdeck didn't feel it was necessary to formally notify users that the refund button was actually a "give s*** away for nothing" button.

            I guess I'm supposed to constantly trawl in here for potentially serious issues rather than relying on the support contract to assist.
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              Hi Martin,

              How very frustrating. I can confirm that Tak is correct - this was resolved in 16.0.2.

              The way error reporting works usually is that those who contact Support get their details added to the bug report, and therefore get notified when the problem is fixed.

              When I joined last year, we started to send emails when bugs occurred - for example, on an upgrade when the date of order defaulted to when the order was downloaded rather than placed; or when Windows 10 broke a networking component meaning emails weren't being sent.

              At the time of writing, there are no open bug or Support tickets for PayPal refunds not working - so upgrading will resolve your problem.

              Kind regards,
              Ops Manager, Sellerdeck


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                Response appreciated. I'm on 16.0.3 & this is a past / done / dusted thing now thankfully.

                I hear what you are saying about notifying those who have a ticket on a specific subject, but in this case those who had a ticket would have been aware of the issue so would not be using the refund feature - it's those without a ticket that would be likely to suffer & whom notification would have been more relevant for?

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                  A message has been sent to customers we identified as using 16.0.1 or newer.

                  Your PayPal refunds may have been affected by a bug in Sellerdeck Desktop v16.0.1


                  A conversation last year on the Sellerdeck Community recently became active again, regarding a bug in Sellerdeck Desktop v16.0.1 and PayPal refunds.

                  This is a one-time email as we believe you could have been affected.

                  The issue
                  Requesting a partial order refund in the Sellerdeck Desktop software caused a full refund to be processed on PayPal.

                  What happened
                  The bug was fixed in Sellerdeck Desktop v16.0.2 (and newer versions - Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.0 is our current release). Only a handful of Sellerdeck Desktop customers reported a problem at the time.

                  The fix
                  Upgrading your Sellerdeck Desktop from v16.0.1 will rectify the software bug.

                  We're extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused your business. Today, Sellerdeck is more pro-active in notifying our customers of software bugs, but we're only able to reliably contact Sellerdeck Cover customers and our Partners.

                  As with all software, it's recommended to use the latest version available.
                  Leaving the door open after the horse has bolted and all that, but I hope this catches anyone who may still be affected by this bug.
                  Ops Manager, Sellerdeck


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                    I was surprised to receive that email recently...
                    ...but really sad that it has taken two years for Sellerdeck to actually announce it

                    originally :

                    It would have been nice that once the problem was found that Sellerdeck declared it to us

                    eg. I always get "known problems" list in release notes for other products

                    Announcing would avoid tickets altogether, free up support staff to have faster response times and/or help move the software forward

                    or, even better, Sellerdeck changes business model to have everyone on the latest version