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New GDPR Privacy Data Regulations

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    Can anyone advise if there any templates geared up to Sellerdeck regarding our back office procedures and risks? i am aware of the posts above starting to cover this.

    Would be ideal if Sellerdeck could produce something that covers at least the software.
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      We will be issuing full guidelines in the next few working days. They are in the process of being finalised right now.
      Bruce Townsend
      Ecommerce Product Manager
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        Will that be for all SD customers or just the favoured few?
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          Originally posted by brucet View Post
          We will be issuing full guidelines in the next few working days. They are in the process of being finalised right now.
          With just 21 days left before GDPR implementation date and still waiting for information on how Sellerdeck products will not be a barrier to achieving compliance.

          Our Sellerdeck site is already established on an SSL server and considering the Guidelines concerning GDPR that Sellerdeck published back in January, I have spent many hours assessing the impact/risk of the data we hold as a business, upgrading to Windows 10 Pro to enable bitlocker encryption of the data we hold on our back office system, compiled a new privacy policy considering each of the Sellerdeck guideline headings as well as ICO and other guidance in turn and have now stalled because the software I am using (Sellerdeck V16.0.3) is not configured to enable the consents required to continue collecting personal data and marketing email messaging.

          I renewed my cover contract in the expectation that this would have been properly addressed in the new V18 release but it wasn't and given the issues that have been raised with the launch of this update it is now already too risky and too late in the day for GDPR to implement a complete software upgrade.

          Will the full guidelines address the barrier to compliance that I have identified above and if so when will a fix be issued to enable the consents required?

          When can this be expected?

          Martin Nichols
          Mantra Audio


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            Hi Martin

            Today there will be a more complete GDPR guide. Software related notes will also be available but we're asking customers to request independently to ensure we're not handing over the keys to just anyone and there's some sort of audit trail.

            If you get the regular email mailings, you'll receive this by close of business today.

            Ops Manager, Sellerdeck