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Running 2 Sites From The Same Product Catalog

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  • Running 2 Sites From The Same Product Catalog

    Has anyone successfully run 2 different websites from the same External Database?

    I'm looking at a business with a wholesale operation and a consumer offering which are different brands.... so they would be 2 different websites. Stock control will be an issue unless we have stock control in an external package or an accounting package. I'd prefer it to be in SellerDeck though (I think )

    Has anyone achieved this? Have you got any advice or tips?


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    I run two websites and a retail shop from a common stock database but I do it in excel and write the available stock levels to each of the sellerdeck databases.

    You do have to make an effort to keep the stock levels up to date across the two websites.

    I haven't looked at how sellerdeck real time stock handles sold items. It would be nice if there was a way of automatically updating the available stock across multiple websites.

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      I used the Northwind Traders sample relational database provided with MS Access to set up my external database.

      This incorporates related tables including Customers, Orders, Order Lines, Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Lines and Stock.

      I added an additional table for Products that uses Product Reference as its unque primary index, Part RefID index link to Stock and SupplierID index link to Suppliers because I needed to cater for many Product References for a single Part RefID that can be supplied by one or more Suppliers. This table also includes Brand, Short Description, Full Description, Price and Stock in Hand that are the same a ActinicCatalog database. I have set up selective queries using this table for export to Excel files that can in turn be saved as tab delimited text files for import into SellerDeck. This could be achieved using Excel.

      The stock monitoring facility is useful in SellerDeck but I don't think I would like to rely on this for complete stock control.

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