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    I export orders into Sage. I want to change the text, "Keep Details Private?" that appears on Data Entry Sheets to say something like, "Agreed to Email Newsletters", for which customer has to tick the box. This will not be seen by the customer but we need to know whether the customer ticked or not. I have gone to Design: Text: Order Processing Reports and changed the relevant text as wanted, but it doesn't actually change it, either on screen in the Orders on Sellerdeck, where it is grey-out as we export the orders, and on the data entry sheet printouts. When the customer has agreed to the emails, the data entry sheet says Keep Details Private: Yes, and on the sheet when the customer has not agreed it says nothing. Though we can cope with remembering this, if a customer challenges us as to whether or not they agreed, we cannot prove it. Any suggestions as to how to change this text and it actually changes it on the sheets?


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    I solved it

    I have managed to solve this problem. I went to Settings: Business Settings: Order Processing and unticked Bypass order processing, made the text change, then re-ticked Bypass order processing.