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    Does anyone use google product feed with SD18 ?
    Do you find it a benefit?
    How straight forward is the integration from SD to google

    Asking because I am about to embark on a new design / layout and wondering if it is worth the effort

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    We have a plugin for the google feed that makes it a little bit easier to setup and use - you don't need to use it, Sellerdeck's built in feed is sufficient for many people. the benefit is that we prefill the required field and make sure that you include all of the required fields, it takes the work ouf of the initial feed setup.

    We use it for our software and paper sites but because we are very specialised it isn't that much benefit to us but many of my customers rely on the feed to bring customers to them, when their feed is down they see a definite fall in their order numbers.

    My plugin is here :

    Kind regards,
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