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  • Order Download Problem

    We had a customer pay by PayPal eCheque (always a pain) unintentionally, and wanted a refund/cancellation. We explained that we could not refund until we received payment (not possible), but we would as soon as the payment was cleared. Then they demanded their order cancelled, even though the refund would in effect be cancelling the order. So we deleted the order in SD (was in failed payments). This morning the eCheque cleared and we refunded it. Ever since, when we download orders we get an error message that this order cannot be found. All other orders downloaded go into Failed Payments even though payments successful. Once we discovered this was happening, having to check on the payment provider site for payment to match to the orders in SD failed payments. Tedious. I cannot find any way of stopping the error message and therefore stopping this problem. Any ideas?


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    You could check the .ord or .occ file isn't still on the server (If I remember the file names correctly)

    It might be that Sellerdeck leaves it there because it can't find the associated order so manually deleting it (or for safety / just in case rename it to something else such as oddfile.bak ) might solve the problem.


    PS. I'd have left the order on the system, even if just for record keeping purposes. Perfectly permissible under GDPR.

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      I couldn't see where to find to do your suggestion, Mike. However, I have fixed it: I enabled Offline Ordering, set the start numbers to be the customer's deleted order number (split between two boxes), entered an order with same name, address and total. Then downloaded order. Payment allocated auto to new order. Also lots of other orders download (correctly) which had earlier not. Put Order Cancelled in the tracking stuff in Sellerdeck for the re-created order. Have noted your tip to not delete orders, thank you, though it was only a problem because I deleted it before the payment came through. Sarah