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Creating Section Links amongst Products

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  • Creating Section Links amongst Products

    Hi, please excuse me if I am missing something very basic here.

    I am trying to position section links so that they appear amongst individual products and fragments in the list.

    According to the help pages, I should be able to just right click what I want the section link to appear below and create my new section in the normal manner but when I do this, it always repositions the link to the top of the section above all of my products and fragments?

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    Hi Graham. You can't position a section amongst the products. The subsection list and the product list are separate and cannot be intermingled.

    You can, however, create a subsection; then add a fragment between any of the products, and make that a link to the subsection. See the help article 'How do I include a link to a product or section in the store?'
    Bruce Townsend
    Ecommerce Product Manager
    Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions