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Google conversion tracking code Global Site Tag

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    Google conversion tracking code Global Site Tag

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me. We are trying to get remarketing (amongst other things) to work and I have been trying to get some clear and simple guidance from the support team at Sellerdeck on how to implement the Global Site Tag from Google Ads as well as an event snippet for event conversion tracking.

    Firstly, I was told to follow the Help topic on this, but the code we have generated from Google looks very different from that which the help file says should be pasted into the Google Analytics and Ads window in the software. Naturally, this has not worked.

    The Global site tag should go between the <head></head> tags apparently. Is there an out of the box feature to support this?

    We are running 18.0.5.

    Any guidance would be appreciated as I feel this should not be as difficult as it would appear to be!