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    Email copy invoice

    I have been asked for a copy invoice. easy enough to print and pop in the post, but is it possible to email it from within the Sellerdeck software ?

    As a compromise, I'd print to .pdf then email it from outside Sellerdeck.
    John Ennals


      It would be great to email a pdf invoice as standard when you complete a order.

      Ed Harrison - Menmuir Scotland


        We created a template in the Sellerdeck Mail that has all the information for a valid VAT Invoice... but we have to add in the "Invoice Date" manually...
        - there is no "Invoice Date" or "Tax Point Date" variable for the Sellerdeck Mail
        and it's been... (how many years?), this must be on everyone's wishlist

        Ideally... when you do a one click complete in Sellerdeck... it will send an "order sent" template & attached a pdf invoice

        I believe 3rd party (Mole End?) used to have a thing to fulfill this task.

        - also... there's a "Tracking Number" variable available, but no "Shipping Date" variable... again (why one and not the other?)...
        we have to manually "add" that date to any emails that contain tracking information.

        We want at least the variables available in Sellerdeck Mail - then we can set one click complete to use the Invoice Template (with the tax point date)


          I think it is time SD built this into the software so customers download it from the order history lookup.

          I have been using 'Sellerdeck Order Export' from Codepath, it sends the invoice via email after you have marked the items as shipped, just open and press a button. One off purchase so no ongoing annual fees.
          Many Thanks


            I did as John suggested above. Thank you

            Majority of my customers probably don’t need an invoice other than a few businesses that use us and folk with a warranty issue.

            It would be great if as Lee has indicated customers could access the document directly from their account.