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    Different Cart Layout

    We are soon going to be wholesaling some of our products, and so for the first time I have setup customer groups.

    We have setup a group called Wholesale which is working correctly, except it uses a different cart button and layout, but only on products that we do not allow Wholesale.

    So our standard layout on products for both Retail and Wholesale can be viewed here

    However, If I uncheck the Wholesale box on the product on the prices tab, so now the product is only available for Retail, and not Wholesale I get a different layout here

    I Ideally want the first layout with the orange button to show everywhere regardless of which customer group it is in.

    Any idea on a resolve, or more important, Is it ok to copy the code from one layout to the other, or is there bigger issues at play here?


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    I wonder where the layout setting is for this?

    Could it be Site Options > Layout : Product where there are separate layouts for 'Price Layout' and 'Price Layout for Online Customers' ?

    I'd imaging it must be a layout setting somewhere.


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