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  • No design changes available

    Have removed beta version, downloaded new version. But in evaluation mode at this stage. Imported my snapshot and seems okay except it has brought in no design changes or CSS. Default of Smart theme colours. When I try to change colour scheme, then it does nothing. Normally this would be one of the basic things I could change and it does not allow me to import design snapshot from v16. Unusable at the moment I am afraid and also not features I need except the GDPR which is not included.

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      Hi, I did do that, although not sure about the registry entries. However I have tried on a new machine with no previous beta installed. It gets to the same problem after I import a snapshot of the site.

      So I can change themes and colours with vanilla site. When I input v16.3 snapshot it will no longer change colours or theme.

      I am wondering if it is to do with the fact that they have removed Design wizard in this version. If a site was designed with the design wizard does this have settings which then break when imported into v18?

      I will try with a vanilla design and some changes in v16.3 and then try importing that.


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        Hi David

        Does the same snapshot import back into v16.0.3 OK? If so, I would suggest contacting support. We will probably need a copy of your snapshot to check out.

        It doesn't sound like anything connected with the Design Wizard. In recent versions, that doesn't change any settings that aren't also settable elsewhere.
        Bruce Townsend
        Ecommerce Product Manager
        Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions