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  • Auto email to customers re stock in

    If there any way in Actinic that a customer could click on something connected to an out of stock product to be emailed as soon as it comes back in? I have searched the forum and can find nothing relevant. There would have to be a box for them to type their email address and a trigger to send the emails when the stock goes above 0.


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    Hi Sarah,

    That facility doesn't exist within Actinic.

    You could potentially do it with some php and mysql but you'd need to find a way to link into the actinic stock levels to trigger sending the email.

    It's not going to be an easy thing to do automatically. They only practical way I can think of is to do it manually. i..e get the form to send you an email and then check these weekly and manually send a 'back in stock' email when the goods are in.


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      Hi Sarah, not as sophisticated as you have but we have used the out of stock text field to allow a customer to send an email. We then file these and send a standard email to all of them when it comes back in stock. You can see it here. Lots of customers use it.

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        We do a similar thing on Seriously Silver using a mailto link with the product reference as the subject. Check the clip on charms section if you want to see it in action.
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          Good one Andy, I've just refined our's to include the product name etc in the subject line of the email and used the out of stock block if to generate the mailto: rather than the text field to create. Much easier internally. Thanks.

          P.S. Is there anyway to get the product name bold in the subject line.

          subject=Please Email me when <Actinic:Variable Name="ProductName"/> is back in stock

          I've tried <b> and <strong> around the actinic variable but it just prints <b> or <strong>!!!
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            Thanks Donna and Andy. It looks neat enough. I shall try it with mine as soon as I get a minute.



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              trying to get my head round where this link is working from and the code required to make it work - any help from anyone using this would be most appreciated


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                Because this randomly disappeared on my site and I had to work out how to do it again here is the code we use:

                <a href=" email me when <actinic:variable name="ProductName" /> is back in stock">Please email me when <actinic:variable name="ProductName" /> is back in stock </a>

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                  I think Gabriel Crowe is still running his add-on for this - Carticus :

                  I know we've implemented on other sites successfully in the past. Works quite well.
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