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18 May: completed upgrade of the Sellerdeck Community software. Please report any issues in this post.
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New Users Please Read This....

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  • New Users Please Read This....

    Getting The Most Out Of The Actinic Community

    Please remember that Community members are business people who give their expertise and time freely, but they are not a substitute for your own basic research on simple & common issues. BEFORE you ask a question, please make sure you have looked at the available sources of help that already exist:
    • Searching the Community (see below) - the issue may have been discussed before.
    • The Advanced User Guide - a useful collection of tips and tricks
    • The Knowledge Base - where many common issues are documented.
    • The main help file that comes with Actinic - available via 'Help | Help Topics'.
    • The Getting Started Guide that comes with Actinic - available via 'Help | Starter Guide'.

    If you do not receive a reply to your Thread, it is probably because the answer is easily found in one of the above areas.

    Members welcome the opportunity to discuss new issues and enjoy developing solutions to assist you. These solutions often lead to other members implementing improvements to their own websites.

    In the unlikely event that no member is able to assist, after a few days your question should be spotted by an Actinic staffer. Should your issue be beyond the scope of the Community, a member will advise that you should register an email support query at

    Searching the Community

    When searching the Community, don't forget that you can use the 'Search in Forums' section to only search threads within the version of Actinic you are using. This can help by giving you a much more useful set of results.

    You can also search the site using the powerful Google Search facility at the top of the page. [Search Community]

    Try also searching for a variety of search terms - for example, if you have a question about search engine optimisation, don't just search for 'Google' - try searching for 'search engines' or 'SEO'. Linking common words into a phrase with "inverted commas" will find only that phrase and not references to 'inverted' and 'commas' separately.

    Asking a Question

    To ask a new question, click the 'New Thread' button at the top of the list of questions.

    When you ask a question, please make sure you give your question a descriptive title e.g. rather than 'Help Me Please' - use something like 'My products stretch too far across the page'. That way, you have a much better chance of catching the eye of one of the regular forum contributors and this will also enable others to find the issue raised when they search for the same problem later.

    When asking a question, please ensure you include the following:
    • If it's a layout or design issue, or odd behaviour on your site, please include a URL that shows the problem.
    • If it's a problem with Actinic not uploading, please include your settings from the 'Network Setup' screen. You can get these easily by clicking the 'Export' button. Please make sure you remove your FTP username and password from the post though!
    • If something strange is happening within your copy of Actinic then please include a screenshot that shows the problem. You can take a screenshot by pressing the 'PrtScn' button on your keyboard and then pasting it into a graphics program, or Microsoft Word. Then use the 'Manage Attachments' button to add it to your thread.
    If you don't want to leave your URL/Network Settings on the thread forever, then you can click the 'Edit' button to remove them once the problem is solved.

    Finally, don't forget that this forum is designed for Actinc users to help each other, and the vast majority of forum users are giving their time voluntarily to help out. If you want support directly from Actinic then register an email support query at

    Current software and other useful documents may be downloaded fom the Actinic Download Pages

    Previous software versions maybe download from the Actinic Sofware Archive
    SellerDeck/Actinic Report Modifications - Add your logo to your invoice - email for information
    Integrated e-Commerce Web Design
    SellerDeck/Actinic Upgrades, Custom Designs, Layout Modifications and General SellerDeck/Actinic Help