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Combining snap shots

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  • Combining snap shots

    For some reason, I have no understanding a number of sections of my on-line shop have become empty.

    In an unrelated disaster, the boot sector of my system drive broke and when I swapped out the SSD drive for the old one, from which I cloned the newer, bigger drive, I realised that Actinic is the only program I have that sticks it's data on the system drive rather than uber safe data raid array.

    Opening Actinic on this drive is about a year out of date but the missing products are back where they should be, though all the products I have added since the drive update are of course missing.

    I do have plenty of up-to-date snap shots that will have the up-to-date products, but presumably be missing the products that myseriously vanished. Can I combine an up-to-date snapshot with what is on the disc?

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    You can do a csv file import of the missing products which would be quick but not include all data so still need some work on them

    Thats assuming you can get the data required like ref no, short description, full description, cost and sell price, image file position and name

    Hopefully one of the more informed people will be along to give better advice
    Chris Ashdown


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      You can do as Chris mentioned but you would need some knowledge of the import/export file structures, not too difficult but a learning curve.

      Another option if you have a multi site licence is to create a new site and then import your older snapshot into that site. Manually copy over any images that may also be missing from the old site to the new current one, then copy the product or section on the older site (Control-C or in the menus), swap sites and paste it (Control-V or in the menus) into the newer (current) version of your site.

      Remember you can never have too many backups and always make sure you backup before making any changes.
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