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Feefo v2 compatibility with Actinic v10

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  • Feefo v2 compatibility with Actinic v10


    Feefo recently upgraded their system to V2. Does anyone know if Actinic v10 is still compatible?

    Thank you.

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    I don't know of any reason why v10 would not work with Feefo v2, but we haven't tested it and can't support it. So I'm afraid the only thing you can do is to try it. To enter the new FTP login details you get from Feefo, click the 'FTP Settings' button in the 'Customer Feedback Configuration' dialog, untick 'Use Standard Settings' and enter the new details.

    I do recommend you consider upgrading to SellerDeck 2016, though. It is fully supported, Windows 10 compatible, and the feedback content is upgraded to be search-engine friendly and support Google star ratings. There are many other new features and improvements since v10 as well.
    Bruce Townsend
    Ecommerce Product Manager
    SellerDeck Ecommerce Solutions


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      Okay thank you. I'll try out your suggestions.
      Many thanks.