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  • Cannot Edit Contact Us Page

    Hi. An old client wants the Contact Us page edited. Cannot for the life of me remember how to do this. When I click on "select page type --> Contact Us" it brings up the page in the design view, but all the layout code says is:

    <a href="SendMailPageLink">SendMailText</a>

    Am I just being stoopid?

    Many thanks,

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    You might need to find the right page on the content tree and look at that.


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      Hi Mike. The Contact Us page doesn't appear in the content tree, as mentioned, I can bring it up using the "select page type" in the bar along the top, and then the code listed above populates the layout code window. I did this about 8 years ago, and have not used Actinic since ...hence my knowledge is so poor!

      Thanks again,


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        I seem to remember that there was an issue with seeing such pages properly.... I think you need to make sure you are in a brochure page on the content tree before clicking on the Design tab. You can select the Contact Us page type.

        Of course, I might be remembering the answer to a different, but similar, problem. I'm getting old
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          Hi. thanks for your replies guys. Still a little lost to be honest. As you can see from the image, I have edited it quite heavily before, with Google Map etc... Just can't for the life of me remember where? Is this "sendMailPageLink" or "SendMailText" a separate piece of code within the stylesheet or something? ...It can't be that diffcult to get to, can it? thanks.


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            Obviously you should be able to show the code using the drop down - but try using the Design Library - see attachment.
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              lol. thanks Duncan!'s easy when you know how! As you said, I just went to Design Library, then right clicked the Contact Us Bulk Area, and clicked edit. This opened up the code!! ...I wonder why it didn't appear in the layout code area...?

              Anyway, many thanks for all your input guys!