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Images not displaying including NEXT button in checkout

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  • Images not displaying including NEXT button in checkout

    We've been having issues over the past few weeks - basically customers can't see some images on the website, nor can they see the NEXT button on the checkout address page, which takes them to the payment options.

    We've changed nothing, and I'm wondering is this a browser issue?

    Most seem to be using Firefox.

    EDIT: Having just tried Firefox, it's blocking Norman (Drillpine) accordian menu and extra image add-on too.

    90% of customers are seeing everything completely as normal, and everything worls fine on every PC/iPad/iPhone I've tried, but we are missing some orders because of this.

    Anyone else expereince anything similar?

    Website is

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    Solved the Accordion issue I think...

    But images not loading for folk on Firefox and Safari

    1) Open a new tab in Firefox
    2) Type into the address bar about:config
    3) In the search box at the top, type java
    4) In the search list find javascript.enabled
    5) The VALUE of this line must read TRUE
    6) To change it, double click it