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  • New PSP


    We are running v8.5.3 and unfortunately have to move away from Secure Trading at the end of this month because of their move from ST2K platform to a new STPP platform!

    Are any of you using Worldpay without problems on this version?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Worldpay is good and a brand your customers would recognise.

    As for Secure Trading have had customers with that issue, at one point they were allowing customers to still run on old payment system for as long as needed. I guess this might of now changed?


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      Thanks for your reply.

      We have been very pleased with Secure Trading and are sad to have to leave them!

      The old system was due to end by 1st October but we have had two extensions to this. Unfortunately 30th November is the absolute end to the old we are told!.

      Do any of you customers run v8.5.3 with Worldpay?


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        Several cusotmers use World Pay and are very happy with it. I guess comes down to the fees nd how they compare to the likes of Sage Pay etc


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          Thanks Gary
          I'll assume Worldpay will work on v8..5.3
          I see from my Secure Trading letter that the migration has been going on over the last three years!


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            Thank you very much indeed for your help Garry.

            We have now signed up with Worldpay but it was taking too long to go live and because we are very busy managed to obtain another reprieve from Secure Trading until the end of December!

            Hope you have a great Christmas