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  • Pricing permutation changes

    Hi, I am building a new site in Actinic (Sellerdeck?) 9. I have about 3500 products on a beta site with three identical price permutations, based on size, for each product. It has taken me so long to get this far (!) that I now need to change my pricing. I know how to do this product by product, but is there a simpler way to change the pricing permutation for all 3500 products in one go? I have looked through the Actinic search system and searched this forum but haven't found anything. Grateful for any advice. David

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    Mole-end used to have a price tool that may help with the normal prices but not sure about permutations which i think you have to do yourself

    You can make up a Reference and Price and Cost price csv and import flat file that with the new prices in one drop but again unless the permutations are a % of the original i don't think it will work on those
    Chris Ashdown


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      Hi David,

      How have you set up your permutations?

      For stock control I like to have an associated product with each option. If you've done it this way and use the associated product pricing then you should be able to use an excel macro to write the product price straight into the database.


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        Our Price Manager plug-in will do that for you, David. Feel free to give me a call if you need to discuss.
        Andy Barrow
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