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Can someone Help with a Actinic v7 problem on Font and Text size?

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    Can someone Help with a Actinic v7 problem on Font and Text size?

    Sorry about this but the Make a new request seems to have changed since I was last here.

    I am not expecting help with this problem but really would much appreciate it. May I thank you for past help.

    I have Actinicv7 (yes its old but it works). This is run off an XP Computer only used for the purpose of uploading Actinic. I am 70 and semi-retired so there is no point in upgrades. Currently I am using another XP computer off line to make the amendment so as not to ruin the current upload.

    Problem: You guys have criticised me for using Comic Sans and recently I decided to change this for Calibri Font.
    Issues: I use Curves Theme but none of the Layouts. The Website was originally done by a friend no longer around.
    I tried to change the font using Font in 'DesignOptions' --> ACTCSSFONTFAMILY --> Comic Sans MS, Geneva, Arial, ...... to Calibri Arial.
    Result: It looked ok on 'Preview' but when loaded to Firefox (off line) it displays as Times New Roman Bold !!!! I dont know why but cant afford to have this happen from the server.

    Problem 2: The text is small relative to most browsers set at 100% so I would like to make this larger. Can a code be added ? (and where?) to use Viewport Percentage Units CSS HTML. I found this code :

    <style> body{ margin: 0px; } #div1 { width: 50vw; height: 50vh; background: #A4CFFF; font-size: 3vw; margin: 25vh 25vw; } </style> <div id="div1">div content ...</div>

    ...........taken from

    Problem 3: I am struggling to find the place that affects the Font Size on the 'Navigation Bar' on the 'Home Page' which I wish to make bigger. I have tried the Act-Footer from actxsmall to actmedium but didnt seem to work - maybe the wrong place.