Hi Everyone,

Keeping your software up to date is essential if you want to be competitive, because it provides access to the latest security updates, features, bug fixes and performance enhancements. Perhaps the most important benefit of choosing a Managed Upgrade is that it enables Sellerdeck to tune your website to make it more a more effective tool for ecommerce.

Sellerdeck has been working to refine its Managed Upgrade service that reduces the workload of applying major Sellerdeck Desktop upgrades.

Increasing your Sales

With a Managed Upgrade from SellerDeck you will benefit from having your site design checked over and tuned up by one of our specialists. As part of the service, we will look at the following:
  • Converting your site to use Universal Analytics so you benefit from the latest and greatest information in your Google Analytics account
  • Ensuring your JavaScript and CSS are compacted and minimised so your pages will run as fast possible
  • Configuring your server to deliver site pages faster by activating download compression and browser caching (only available with SellerDeck’s hosting)
  • Optimising your page generation so publishes from SellerDeck go much quicker (we have helped some customers by reducing publish times by more than 50%)
  • Where privacy policy allows, undertaking an analysis of your sales data (where available) and generate a detailed list of your one-off and repeat customers sorted by value

Accessing New Features

As well as all that, we’ll work to fix up any errors in your HTML and advise on image optimisation - all in order to get your store running as well as possible.

You’ll also benefit from access to the latest functionality in Sellerdeck 2016, which includes:
  • Automatically request and display real customer reviews using the Feefo integration. Real reviews give credibility to your sales messages, and are shown to increase conversions.
  • Configure your product prices to automatically change based on the options that the customer selects. That way, the customer knows exactly how much they are paying before adding to the cart. You can also dynamically hide any options that are out of stock.
  • Automatically split very long sections into multiple pages, saving page load time and making it easy for customers to look through your products.
  • Include links for people to share pages and products to social media, allowing your customers to become your marketing team.
  • Benefit from SellerDeck’s powerful filtering features, which allow you to create sections that are automatically populated with products that are on sale, or products from a certain brand. You can also display a long list of products to your customers and they can use filters to drill down and find the product they want.
  • Authorise or refund PayPal Payments with a click of a button in the SellerDeck interface, rather than having to log into the PayPal dashboard.
  • Setup SellerDeck’s eBay Order Management extension to retrieve orders into SellerDeck Desktop and process them there. And that’s just one of the many great extensions that 2016 gives you access to.

We hope that this sounds useful. If you would like to find out more about Sellerdeck Managed Upgrades, then contact SellerDeck Sales on 0845 129 4888* or +44 1932 358350 from abroad.

*Calls cost 2p per minute plus your phone company's access charge