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Actinic and Dreamweaver CS4

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    Actinic and Dreamweaver CS4

    Up to and including v9.0.3, Actinic only officially support up to Dreamweaver CS3. Sites that open Actinic from Dreamweaver CS4 (also known as Dreamweaver v10) will not encounter any problems but users will not be able to choose 'Edit Layout in Dreamweaver' from within Actinic until the dreamweaver.ini file is updated to include CS4.

    If you want to use CS4 with Actinic you will need to replace your dreamweaver.ini file with the attached file. Copy the file into your installation folder (usually 'C:\Program Files\Actinic v9'). Take a backup of your current 'dreamweaver.ini' file before overwriting it.

    This change will be included in the next maintenance release of the software.
    Attached Files

    Actinic v9 and Dreamweaver CS4 - Edit in Dreamweaver

    I've tried this .ini file and still can't get the 'Edit in Dreamweaver' option to show in Actinic. I've registered DW OK and the Actinic menu in it appears OK just the submit part is greyed out and in Actinic when I select any layout the option just is not appearing.

    I am very new to this program so am I missing something obvious here?


      Originally posted by cyberscape View Post
      I am very new to this program so am I missing something obvious here?
      Yes, the design tab, just work in there instead.


        Edit in Dreamweaver

        I know about editing the layouts in the Design tab I'm just wondering why the Edit in Dreamweaver button isn't appearing once I've registered it. Because I'm so new to this I thought it would be much easier doing the editing in DW instead of Actinic.


          Its it because you haven't selected the Actinic version on the DW Actinic menu.


            Got it.



              Hi there,

              I've installed the ini file and can "edit layout in dreamweaver" from actinic not a problem

              But from Dreamweaver itself, when I click the actinic menu, I cant use the first 6 buttons: (they are all greyed out)

              - Register a Design with Actinic
              - Import a page Design from Actinic
              - Insert Actinic content
              - Preview
              - Change actinic variables

              The only 2 things I can do is
              - Submit changes to Actinic
              - Help

              Anyone know why? Actinic phone support said I should have a tab where I can select the version, but can't see this within the actinic dropdown and it doesnt show on the help screenshots?

              Thank you..


                I have just resolved the CS4 integration issues even after installing v9.0.4 with the correct .ini patch in place.

                Launching the integration during Actinic installation os launching the .mxp file from within the Actinic folder (as per the help file) did not offer the "use version" drop down.

                Launch Adobe Extension Manager CS4 and install the .mxp file from within and the use version drop down appears.

                Hope that is of use to anyone.

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                  I am having the same problem with the CS4 extension file, I have downloaded the updated dreamweaver.ini file from the knowledge base, but it still won't run.

                  When in Actinic (9.04), I can edit the layout in Dreamweaver (CS4) and it will open, however I cannot get the Actinic menu in dreamweaver.

                  I have read this post but not quite sure on what to do with the .mxp file or where it is - ant help much appreciated




                    Close Actinic and DW then try reloading the extension by double-clicking on he mxp file which you will find here: C:\Program Files\Actinic v9\Extensions\Dreamweaver\Actinic_Assistant


                      Still having problems

                      I have done everything you guys told to do, but my buttons on Dreamweaver still grayed out.