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  • Enhanced Search Facility

    A little trick within Sellerdeck that I have found to give an enhanced search facility.

    You may not be aware that Google doesnít actually use the Meta Keywords that you enter, and hasnít for a long time.

    Google's view on Meta Keywords

    So if like me you leave your Meta Keywords section blank, you can use this for an enhanced search facility.

    By adding words that could be used to find your product, that for some reason isnít suitable to have been used in the product name, this could be plurals, spelling mistakes, competitor codes, American spellings, other language, in fact anything else that you wish to be associated with a product.

    An example visit Titanium Chains and search any of the following, silly examples but it shows how it works.


    Mans Rings

    Mans Widing Ring


    For example we have people mis spelling the word Tungsten, as Tungstan which would not show any results. Now add Tungstan to the key words and it will show in the search.

    How to implement which is very easy.

    Make sure you have backed your site up.

    1) Go to Settings > Search and Filtering > and click Page Meta & Descriptions
    2) Go to Design > Library > Layouts > Standard Meta Tags
    3) Delete or comment out any lines with a variable MetaKeywords, or GibMetaKeywords

    The reason for number 3 is you do not want the search engines to be reading these words.

    Now you are free to use the keywords box as an enhanced search feature.

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    Titan Jewellery Men's Titanium Wedding Rings and Tungsten Wedding Rings
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