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Sellerdeck Payments / Credit Call - Doubled charged transactions

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    Sellerdeck Payments / Credit Call - Doubled charged transactions

    I had a customer last night complained we charged them twice...
    (2nd charge made them unauthorised overdrawn and getting £5/day bank fee charged)

    Sellerdeck Payments portal shows we only charged once, and we can only refund the one amount...

    Checking Worldpay this morning I see from their portal there are two charged for that customer AND I see a lot more others duplicated (including a refund made twice)...

    I called Worldpay, and Worldpay advised they had multiple requests from Creditcall, so problem is with Creditcall...

    Sellerdeck support advised they sent an email to NMI (=?) to investigate.

    If anyone here is using Sellerdeck Payments... please check
    - problem dates that I can see are between 14th May 2019 to 16th May 2019.

    Received from Sellerdeck - message is from Creditcall/NMI to Sellerdeck:

    We're currently aware of an issue affecting Worldpay customers resulting in them being charged on the 17th and then again on the 22nd for the same transaction.

    We believe that this is due to an issue on Worldpay's end in which a settlement file has been processed twice, hence why the duplicate transactions do not appear in WebMIS.

    We are in direct contact with Worldpay regarding this issue and will update you as soon as we have further information


      I've spent all morning finding the orders that were affected... I wonder who's going to pay for our customer's unauthorised overdraft fees...


        The employee at Sellerdeck who we were in contact with in dealing with this problem has left the company without letting us know..
        (I'm a little worried at the future of Sellerdeck).

        Between the Sellerdeck Payments Bank Submissions vs actual receipts at our bank, it still does not balance (we are owed money - date of incident occurred over a month ago now)


          Perhaps Josh Barling could step in?
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            Hi All,

            The Support Team and Services Manager have been managing this issue and engaging with NMI who have been in contact with WorldPay.

            Sellerdeck and NMI have taken this as far as they can and it is now with WorldPay to resolve any discrepancies; which should have already been resolved.

            The Support Team’s recommendation is to speak directly with WorldPay.

            Zgap111, we’ve sent you with a list of duplicate payments that WorldPay shared with NMI and Sellerdeck. I recommend you contact WorldPay directly and use this information to help identify where the discrepancies are and ask WorldPay to process the required transactions to settle any discrepancies.

            Although we have been involved in this issue, it is WorldPay that have processed the payment to correct the mistakes.

            Hopefully you will be able to resolve this issue with them.
            Josh Barling
            CEO | Sellerdeck Ltd