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Can't use check out or retrieve orders due to website change using SagePay

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  • Can't use check out or retrieve orders due to website change using SagePay

    I use Sellerdeck 2016 and my site is and use Sage Pay

    Until today I also used to own the domain
    I believe this was the one used for payments to my site. Today I have cancelled it (ntbmarketing) and it appears now that payments to thepenzone no longer work. I get the following message when adding to cart ...

    You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/ on this server.

    Also I can't retrieve orders that were placed earlier today. There appears to be no settings in either Sellerdeck or in MySagePay.

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    Hello Tristam. This may not be connected to your problem. We have 8 websites, retail shops, that are hosted by Host-It and they are all producing the Forbidden error as they have a served server major problem since yesterday evening. Is your site hosted by Host-It by any chance?


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      We also had a massive issue with Host-It from early evening yesterday. I looked on Plesk and the permissions on the cgi-bin had been changed. They should be rwx r-x r-x but they had been changed to rwx r-x ---

      No-one at our end apart from me has any idea how to access Plesk so it was definitely a server fault.

      Obviously I changed them back and then it worked. However this cost us 5 hours of orders on a very busy site.
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