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Can't use check out or retrieve orders due to website change using SagePay

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    Can't use check out or retrieve orders due to website change using SagePay

    I use Sellerdeck 2016 and my site is and use Sage Pay

    Until today I also used to own the domain
    I believe this was the one used for payments to my site. Today I have cancelled it (ntbmarketing) and it appears now that payments to thepenzone no longer work. I get the following message when adding to cart ...

    You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/ on this server.

    Also I can't retrieve orders that were placed earlier today. There appears to be no settings in either Sellerdeck or in MySagePay.

    Hello Tristam. This may not be connected to your problem. We have 8 websites, retail shops, that are hosted by Host-It and they are all producing the Forbidden error as they have a served server major problem since yesterday evening. Is your site hosted by Host-It by any chance?


      We also had a massive issue with Host-It from early evening yesterday. I looked on Plesk and the permissions on the cgi-bin had been changed. They should be rwx r-x r-x but they had been changed to rwx r-x ---

      No-one at our end apart from me has any idea how to access Plesk so it was definitely a server fault.

      Obviously I changed them back and then it worked. However this cost us 5 hours of orders on a very busy site.
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