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Sage Pay Notification – PSD2 & 3D Secure V2​

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    Sage Pay Notification – PSD2 & 3D Secure V2​

    Morning guys,

    Just received the following from SagePay.

    Anything needed for SD2016 etc?

    As you know, Strong Customer Authentication is part of the new EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that comes into effect on 14 September 2019. A key element of this directive is the introduction of 2-factor authentication for online transactions processed in the EEA, via 3D Secure or 3D Secure v2. Find out more about this directive >

    You now need to take steps to ensure you remain compliant and able to accept card payments from 14 September 2019.

    To be ready for the changes:
    1. Do you need to make changes to your Sage Pay integration? Find out now >
    2. Contact your web developer and share the Sage Pay technical guides.
    3. Your developer can start to update your Sage Pay integration now.
    4. From Monday, 8 July 2019, your developer can test the changes on the Sage Pay Test Server.
    We'll advise you when the Sage Pay Live Server is available for you to make changes to your live transactions in advance of the September deadline.

    Everything has been done to minimise the number of steps you need to take to be ready for these changes. Nevertheless, our team is ready 24/7 to assist, should you, or your developer, require further support. Contact us on 0191 479 5922.

    Kind regards,

    Becca Bell
    Head of Customer Service
    Matt. M - SMR Enterprises Ltd.

    Hi Matt,

    At this time, Sage Pay has confirmed to us that the current integration between Sage Pay and Sellerdeck Desktop is compliant and does not require changes. We are in continual conversation with Sage Pay to ensure that our integration is fully compliant and updated with PSD2 and 3D Secure v2. If changes are required, we will update you on the detail.
    Josh Barling
    CEO | Sellerdeck Ltd


      Hi Josh,

      Cheers for confirming that.
      Matt. M - SMR Enterprises Ltd.


        Hi All,

        Further statements will be released this week regarding PSD2, 3D Secure version 2 with Sage Pay.

        In summary, the exiting integration is compatible and there is no required action.

        If you do not have Sage Pay and are thinking of using it, please sign up through this link to esure Sage Pay are aware Sellerdeck is the platform you are using -

        Our Sage Pay contact is aware of the communication to our userbase and is available if there are any questions. Please contact us if you have any issues, thanks.
        Josh Barling
        CEO | Sellerdeck Ltd


          Which Sellerdeck versions have compliant SagePay integrations?
          Arka Tribal Jewellery


            Within the last 24 hours there has been an announcement from the FCA regarding PSD2, SCA and 3D Secure version 2.

            The deadline of September 14th 2019 has been postponed for 18 months.

            Please ignore our previous email, there is no longer a requirement to investigate whether your Payment Service Provider is or isn’t 3D Secure version 2 compatible.

            With this change, Sellerdeck will be reviewing its position and engaging with its Payment Service Provider partners again.

            The current position of the FCA and payment industry lacks definition, once we have an update from our Payment Service Providers we will share relevant information, but for now and in the near future there is no action.

            For further information please visit:
            Josh Barling
            CEO | Sellerdeck Ltd