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Paypal no longer refunding fees.

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    Paypal no longer refunding fees.

    Had an email today 16th March advising that they will no longer refund fees from 5th March.

    Have checked my Paypal account and no fees have been refunded since 5th March.

    This is really bad that they email 11 days after the start of the policy.

    Have now removed Paypal as a payment option across 4 websites.

    Just be aware people in case you miss the email.

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    Thanks for the heads up

    We've not had that email...
    - we don't have many fees refunded, but I will look out for it when I print the monthly report to enter the cost of fees for this month...

    [edit] Got the email (dated yesterday) - it was in Google's Group Mail SPAM (the SPAM before it reaches Gmail)


      PayPal needs to give it's head a wobble.

      At a time when many businesses are choosing (not having to) refund customers due to the effects of the virus, PayPal chooses to keep their fees for in effect doing nothing.

      I run just PayPal on my website now because it was for sure customers prefered method of payment over traditional gateways, and to be fair refunds on website generated sales are rare.

      But sales on Ebay, well that is different, frequent customers change their minds,sometimes only a few minutes after placing an order ..... they of course have to be refunded, PayPal keep their slice and seller is the only one who loses through absolutely no fault of their own, quite how PayPal consider this practise reasonable is something I fail to understand.


        We also find Ebay's transactions involve a different audience... :I