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Paypal Express - Not receiving email payment confirmations from Paypal

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  • Paypal Express - Not receiving email payment confirmations from Paypal

    We receive email confirmations from Paypal for:

    #1 : Ebay (full payment)
    #2 : Sellerdeck Paypal Website Payments (pre-authorised)

    But we don't receive for:

    Sellerdeck Paypal Express (pre-authorised)

    SD support told us with switch "on" IPN, but it didn't do anything different
    - however it did generate a history of IPN messages, and both ebay and Paypal Express transactions are there, but no emails for the Paypal Express

    SD closed that ticket, advising I should contact Paypal...

    Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and how to resolve...

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    Does anyone get an email from Paypal for orders paid ("pre-authorise" mode) by Paypal Express?

    If not, I can assume it's another feature in Sellerdeck that doesn't work 100% and I can stop pursuing this issue.

    Sellerdeck Support Agent:
    you would need to contact PayPal in regards to this query and they should be able to help you further.

    You would need to confirm with Paypal if there is an option in PayPal Express to send emails to be notified regarding a payment. PayPal will need to check if there is a setting for sending emails from PayPal Express.

    This query is regarding Paypal functionality and only they can confirm this. We are not able to pass on contact details of our own contacts at a 3rd party.
    Paypal MTS advise:

    My suggestion is to set up the IPN listener with your web host and a code the file so it will send a custom email to you to notify when a transaction happened. If you do not know how to do this then the IPN history is the only way for you to look at it.

    If not you will need to hire a Developer to set it up for you. I hope this will clear things out.
    Sellerdeck Support Manager response:

    This ticket has gone beyond the scope of Sellerdeck Support so if you require further specific development work, please contact our account management team and they can go through the options available to do this. They can be contacted on 0845 129 4888.

    I will instruct ## to close this ticket, marked as unresolved due to bespoke development work required.
    So, it's not a bug, and won't be fixed anytime soon.

    Dissappointing as I was advised by Sellerdeck to switch to Paypal Express as it is supported (and Paypal Website Payments will have a lower prority support)

    So... for us, Sellerdeck :
    Paypal Website Payments = PSP Pending Issues
    Paypal Express = No payment confirmations from Paypal

    To me, Paypal Express does not fully function properly with Sellerdeck (v16.0.4) and I'd prefer to use Paypal Website Payments as I can cope with a few orders going to PSP-Pending every month, but probably can't cope without the 100s of missing Paypal confirmation emails because Sellerdeck failed to code in what Paypal requires for this to work 100%...