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  • Google product results.

    A question that will probably have a SO simple answer..hopefully.

    As an example if you Google 'Glesga patter tea towel' we come up as 'Scottish Gifts 4U 100% Cotton Glesga Patter Tea Towel'

    But further down the page is another result from another site 'Glesga Patter tea towel - Sprint Design'

    Both Actinic sites, both results taken from acatalog. Most of our results have our site name at the start while most competitors have it at the end.

    Why do our results show up differently from the others?
    Scottish Gifts 4U - quality gifts from Scotland

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    Google uses about 100 items in its algorithm, you're referencing just a couple of them, it's more in depth than that.


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      You need to fill in the Page Title for the Section. If blank it will automatically use the Company Name and Section Name as the default.
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