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  • Site Update - Advice Requested

    Hi Guys

    We need to update our Sellerdeck website and I'd like to mirror what we recently did when updating our sister website which is built in Drupal

    Is Sellerdeck capable of handling all the tagging we've done on the Beds website? You can see that we did it in such a way as to create literally hundreds of landing pages for different product types, brands etc

    I'm a bit miffed that we're still working on a desktop platform when everything else has gone cloud. Is this ever going to be resolved? So much easier for heads of dept. to change prices etc immediately.

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    The first thing you should fix is your hosting as both sites are down.

    There are cloud versions of ecommerce sites available. Sellerdeck isn't going to become cloud based any time in the foreseeable future.


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      Hi Mike

      My mistake, the URL's I posted had commas instead of full-stops in them ;-)

      Fixed now.