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Mower Magic - Now on 12.0.5

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  • Mower Magic - Now on 12.0.5

    Hi there
    Mower Magic is now on 12.0.5

    We are making use of filtering.

    Please take a look:

    Obviously we are keen for feedback.

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    I like it, the shop by brand is a nice addition, like the way you have done that. Only 2 things that stood out to me:

    The + and - on the quantity box are very small, make them clearer.

    The add to cart button is in same colour as the site and looks like a heading, i understand you have a theme and a colour, but make the add to cart one of the things that comes outside of that scheme or at least stands out. differentiate it somehow. I would do a totally different colour, red maybe.

    I also noticed 'recent orders and login' are not separated in the menu and i really hate 'terms and conds' as a text label.


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      Thanks for the feedback - I take that on-board.

      Here is a page - makes use of 360 degree spinner.


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        Overall, very good with a nice balance of useful product information, well structured.

        A couple of observations:

        The 'Garden Tidy' page linked from the home page appears to either collapse to a mobile menu ..or loses its CSS stylesheet?. I didn't delve too deeply to find out the exact problem but the page doesn't display correctly.

        I found the contrast of the green footer menu items against the grey background little jarring. I could run the page through an accessibility tool but you may want to consider changing the footer text (I'd suggest perhaps to colour #dedede / #b6c2ba or similar )

        The 360 degree tool is a nice feature but the camera icon besides the product images is a little misleading. I expected to view a larger image on clicking the icon. A minor point though.
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          Hi thanks for the feedback. I take board the comments about the colour. We need to change that.
          The garden-tidy link has now been fixed - thanks for spotting that.


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            Looks good.

            Would agree that the green text on grey is not easy to read.

            Your footer address seems to float over the social buttons. Not a major problem just untidy.

            Responsive design works well, but view cart and contact us is pushed out when veiwed on a 360px screen (Firefox Responsive Design View). Don't know if this is a problem as I don't do this smart phone lark (Yet )

            The 360 degree spinner is a nice feature.

            But why do I have to tick the box to get FREE Oil. As a customer I would feel a little peeved if I missed it and then noticed the next day after ordering.

            And what is a Fue Can? Is 6.00 cheap for one of these?