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    Hi, I recently had my site redesigned and am busily converting my products to single product per page.
    I am however finding my historic pages are ranking higher than my new single product per pages.
    I understand that google can take some time to list my pages but I have had a lot of product listed as single page for months now and still being out performed by my old style pages.
    I also notice my new single product pages appear with a session id as example below.
    I am not sure if this is the problem with google but coincidentally the single product per pages that do list do not have this #SID. example:-
    I am a little concerned we are busily converting product to single product per page with an ongoing issue?
    Does anyone have any ideas what this #sid is and if it may be effecting google listings?
    I look forward to any help that can be offered.
    Many thanks in advance

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    The Sid is to do with filtering as I understand and will have no affect on your listings, put in a canonical link to take care of it in any case and all will be good.

    Single product pages are a must in my opinion and in the end Google will reward you for it, your old pages probably have historic value in the search results but again this should draw back. Customers also now expect to click through to a page that gives all the specifics to that one item so from a buyers view its a good move.

    Keep going with it, once your done give Google a new site map and it will all even out, you just then need to promote those pages. Rotate promotions from the home page into product pages cross link products with the marketing lists and it will all be good.
    Many Thanks


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      For #SID see here.

      Be careful about putting in a canonical tag on a filtered page see here.
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