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  • Apply different charge to just one product


    Scratching my head on this one. Have tried a couple of things and felt I was getting close when playing with shipping categories - but still falling at the final hurdle...

    Here is what we have:-

    Shop sells largish items, and we charge a single cost (14.69) per item shipped up to a qty of 4. When 5 or more are ordered, the shipping is charged at a pallet rate. So this is what I have in the shipping table

    Quantity Based
    1 = 14.69
    2 = 29.38
    3 = 44.07
    4 = 58.76
    500 = 62.92 ( pallet rate )

    That is all fine and works exactly as we want. The problem comes from just one product. It is a remote controller and quite small. 14.69 is an excessive charge and We would like this item to be charged at 4.95 per controller shipped.

    In the case where a shopper selects 4 normal products AND a controller - we do not want the pallet rate to be triggered.

    Following some advice in the v9 starter guide, I created a new shipping category called 'controller', and gave this a 'per item charge' of 4.95

    I then set the controller product to have the Shipping Category of 'Controller' and ticked the box marked 'Ship separately'

    I have uploaded to test and found that...

    a) When the controller is ordered on it's own - the shipping is 4.95 ( correct )
    b) When the controller is ordered in multiples - the shipping if 4.95 multiplied by the number ordered ( correct )
    c) When normal products are ordered - the original shipping rules are lost and no shipping charge is made
    d) When normal products are ordered AND a controller is added to the basket - Actinic chooses only to charge the controller shipping.

    Since starting to write this thread, I have spotted that the new class I added has a 'default' item in the table which was set to zero, I have added a 'per item' charge of 14.69 for the default shipping category which does now seem to do what we want - until we get to a quantity greater than 4 on the default category items. We do not get the pallet rate triggered.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to retain the original quantity based shipping rules ( with our pallet rate ) and run them along with the lower cost shipping for the controller product?

    Any pointers gratefully received

    Alec Moss
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    Personally I'd do this by weight (nearly always the most usable option).

    - Give each product a 'weight' of 1.00 by default.
    - Give the controller a weight of 0.01
    - Set the shipping tables accordingly (they'll be largish as you need to set out each of the options depending on how many controllers you want to charge seperate shipping for).


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