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Lost parcel to Germany.

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    Lost parcel to Germany.

    We posted off an order to Germany 31/8/18 and received an email a couple of weeks later saying it hadn't arrived.

    So we posted off another on 22/9/18 and got another email saying that one hadn't arrived either.

    Third email arrives saying she had had the parcels sent to her bf's address and because her name wasn't on the nameplate the parcels were returned.

    Now she's been to the Post Office and couldn't retrieve them and we haven't had them returned to us.

    I've asked her to go back to the Post office and see what they have done with them.

    Obviously we're not sending another one out till we get at least one of them back.

    Would the German postal system return an international package or is there a vast warehouse full of such parcels?
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    They should be returned to you if you had a return address on the outer packaging. It's a standard international psotal agreement. Interested to know why you didn't send the second one by a tracked method?
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      There were return address stickers on the back of both parcels.

      We never send recorded/tracked because:-

      a. They are normally quite low value (in this case 11 retail)

      b. We send everything Royal Mail 1st class and to be honest the number of parcels we've had lost in 15 years you could count on the fingers of one hand...quite literally.

      If we've lost 2 parcels that's certainly unusual but the customer has admitted that they were both addressed wrongly so presumably she has no claim and we certainly aren't sending out another till at least one comes back.

      But that's interesting to know about the postal agreement which was the purpose of my post.

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        Just a quick update.

        We got the second of the parcels returned to us yesterday (it's only taken 6 weeks) but still no sign of the first one.
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