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Idiots guide to International postage?

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    Idiots guide to International postage?

    I run version 14 with perhaps 3 or 4 international orders per week with I send using our OBA account and manually writing a customs label ...simples.

    Can anybody explain what I need to provide the extra international information from 1st of Jan?

    Presumably I cannot link this into Sellerdeck and I will still need to do it manually.

    Is click and drop the best option?

    Do I need a new printer?

    Everything I've read refers to A4 sized labels but what do you do if it's only a small parcel?

    Sorry if this is basic stuff is there anything else I need to do ?

    I realise Royal Mail is the place to go but I want a bit of background before I approach them.


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    We are also very interested in this - Are Sellerdeck doing anything to all export of the appropriate bdata to be uploaded to Click and Drop? This must be a common requirement for all SDr customers who are exporting and it is crazy for each to do their own development?


      From what we've seen so far, it appears that the label format for Royal Mail's electronic pre-advice appears to be either 100 x 105mm or 160 x 105mm - looking at priory direct's website. That means that the label takes up between 1/3rd & almost1/2 an A4 sheet of paper! So, if you are sending a small parcel (B00 size mail lite for example), if you go with the 2nd option, you are almost covering the whole of the front of the envelope with the postage label! We're still looking into this & would welcome any feedback from other already using Click n Drop / working on solutions for electronic pre-advice